Action Plan

30 Days

  • Meet with my Supervisor to discuss my training plan; train from the person currently in the position if possible

  • Introduce myself to my coworkers and teams I will be supporting

  • Learn the day to day operational tasks from the Information Technology Support teams  as well as my Business Partners that may include Third Party Vendors

  • Learn systems that I will be supporting

  • Read all suggested books, shared documents, and recent work item inquiries assigned to the Information Technology team

  • Identify if incidents have been resolved in a timely manner  and escalate business critical issues

  • Provide in depth explanations on incident tickets and create Knowledge Based articles if needed


60 Days

  • Introduce ideas and plans on how to improve Customer Service

  • Begin after hours and extended coverage

  • Review my influence on service requests and performance

  • Collaborate with various teams

  • Develop Wiki or glossary of terminology for end users; explain importance and incident procedure


90 Days

  • Follow up on any outstanding programs and revisit to ensure efficiency

  • Find opportunities to improve support services for technicians and end users, as well as initiate change

  • Review and update Knowledge Based articles and process documentation

  • Maintain a system to collect data and trends